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Papua New Guinea has the most languages in the world - over 800. Indonesia isn't far behind with over 700. Indonesia isn't far behind with over 700. What countries have the most languages? | Ethnologue Meanwhile, just 23 languages account for more than half the world's population. About Ethnologue Ethnologue is the research center for language intelligence. We help our clients identify languages, find where they're spoken, get population estimates, and more Both extinct languages and dormant languages no longer have any fully-proficient L1 users. The Ethnologue makes a distinction between the two, however, to reflect the differences that exist in the sociolinguistic status of these languages without users. Although a dormant language is not used for daily life, there is an ethnic community that associates itself with a dormant language and view the language as a symbol of that community's identity. Though a dormant language has no proficient. Here are the language origins of the 100 most spoken languages: Indo-European languages have the widest spread worldwide. According to Ethnologue, the language family contains over 3 billion speakers in total. Interestingly, there are actually 1,526 Niger-Congo languages altogether, though only 12 are represented here According to Ethnologue, Chinese (and all of its varieties such as Mandarin and Wu) is by far the most spoken language across the world with 1.31 billion speakers. That's approximately 16 percent..

In some areas, there is no reliable census data, the data is not current, or the census may not record languages spoken, or record them ambiguously. Sometimes speaker populations are exaggerated for political reasons, or speakers of minority languages may be under-reported in favour of a national language. Top languages by population Ethnologue (2021, 24th edition) The following languages are. How many languages are spoken today? Ethnologue (2005): 6 912: table 1 Number of speakers varies substantially languages per continent Africa Americas Asia Europe Pazific. How many languages? many languages in Europe . How many languages? ca. 150 languages in Europe, 40 the Caucasus alone. high diversity around the equator Around 7,000 languages world-wide (data from 1999 edition of Ethnologue. The most spoken languages worldwide 2021 Published by M. Szmigiera, Mar 30, 2021 In 2021, there were around 1.35 billion people worldwide who spoke English either natively or as a second language,.. Anjam. Ashkun. Abon. Akuntsu. Ankave. Ashtiani. Abron. Akurio. Anmatyerre

The Ethnologue's most recent list of languages by total number of speakers - this is not a list of native speakers; Languages Spoken by More Than 10 Million People (Archived 2009-10-31) - Encarta list, based on data from Ethnologue, but some figures (e.g. for Arabic) widely vary from it; Map of World Languages. Download of MP3 audio files in 1600 language combinations. This page was last. 5 Most Spoken Languages in The World | Ethnologue 2019, 22nd editionDetermining what are the most spoken languages in the world is a more difficult task than.. Ethnologue: Languages of the World is a comprehensive reference work that provides information and statistics for all of the world's known living languages. Since 1951, Ethnologue has been an active research project involving hundreds of linguists and other researchers around the world. It is widely regarded as the most comprehensive source of information of its kind. Language The prominence of Spanish in the Americas and Europe has led Spanish to become one of the world's most spoken languages with over 460 million native speakers and a growing number of non-native speakers. It is also one of the official languages of the United Nations

The world's most spoken language by total speakers Ethnologue suggests the following list, which combines native speakers with non-native speakers: English (1.121 billion) Mandarin Chinese (1.107 billion The Ethnologue, one of the most trusted platforms regarding languages and their profiles, tells us not the top 3, not the top 5but the top 200 most-spoken languages around the world last year. Learning one of these languages gives you access to millions of speakers, which in turn gives you a more beautiful experience of the world! And why is this page so important, you ask? Because it. Family Trees | Proto Indo European | Cognates | Most Spoken Languages Ethnologue | William Jones - YouTube. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute

What are the top 200 most spoken languages? Ethnologu

With all of the different languages spoken in these countries, though, English still remains the third-most popular language in the most places with a total of six countries. 6. Oceania. Oceania is a continent of islands that, in some cases and places, have been much less influenced by the modern world. So it's no surprise that some of the. Data as of January 2021. English is by far the most commonly used language online, used by 60.4%, or about six million of the top 10 million websites. Not surprisingly, it's also the most spoken language worldwide, with over 1.13 billion speakers The 10 most widely-spoken languages in the world No. 1: Chinese According to the website Ethnologue.com, there are nearly 1.2 billion native speakers, including 1 billion who speak Mandarin NEW DELHI: Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language of the world in 2019 with 615 million speakers.The 22nd edition of the world language database Ethnologue stated English at the top of the list with 1,132 million speakers. Chinese Mandarin is in second position with 1,117 million speakers. Most-Spoken Languages in the Worl

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The 20 most spoken languages in the worl Numbers vary widely — Ethnologue puts the number of native speakers at 1.3 billion native speakers, roughly 917 million of whom speak Mandarin — but there's no doubt it's the most spoken language in the world. If you wish to learn a language that one in six people in the world speaks, this is the one for you The 22nd edition of the World Language Database Ethnologue has stated that Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language of the world in 2019 after English and Chinese Mandarin. According to Ethnologue, Hindi is the third most spoken language with 615 million speakers. Also, Bangla has been ranked as the 7th most spoken language of [ Hyderabad: Urdu the language considered to be one of the sweetest languages has become the 11th most spoken language in the world. As reported by Deccan Chronicle, the 2018 edition of Ethnologue, a language reference published by SIL International, ranks Urdu as the 11th most spoken language in the world

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For some reason, with Ethnologue's latest update, a few languages were splintered. For example, the various dialects of Arabic were separated and I had to combine them. Similarly, Bavarian was listed as different than German. Perhaps some variant of Thai was broken off as well, but the Wikipedia list doesn't show enough languages to find this out. Ardennes +1. Level 76. Dec 30, 2019. Looks.

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Out of the 88 languages that ethnologue includes as representative of Ethiopia, two of them are extinct, five are almost gone, eight are in danger of becoming obsolete, 41 are institutional, 18 are vigorous, and 14 are developing. Additionally, the Ge'ez language is considered to be extinct in common usage but is still used as a liturgical language. Most of the languages are written in the. Enter your info below to . Your email. Your passwor Ethnologue However, the most spoken languages in the world by people who know the language but are not necessarily native to it . Europe is home to hundreds of languages, including some of the most widely spoken languages in the world. But what are... If we limit ourselves to most commonly spoken. According to estimates published on the Ethnologue website, more than 7,100 languages are currently spoken on the planet, but approximately 40% are in danger of extinction, often with fewer than.

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  1. There are many endangered languages in the world on the brink of extinction — languages spoken by a small group of people or even only one person
  2. Nevertheless, most languages are spoken only by a handful of people. That's why about half of the world's languages will disappear by the end of the century. About 3 percent of the world's.
  3. Humans are thought to speak more than 7,000 languages across the globe. Asia has the most of them, 2294, followed by Africa with 2,144. There are 1,313 tongues spoken in the Pacific region.
  4. In fact, more than a quarter of us speak one of just three languages as our native tongue, according to data from Ethnologue, a database of languages. That's three languages between more than 2 billion people. Those three, and the rest of the top 10 most spoken languages in the world, are all visualized in this chart by Statista
  5. The 10 Most Spoken Languages In The World 1. Chinese — 1.3 Billion Native Speakers. Numbers vary widely — Ethnologue puts the number of native speakers at 1.3... 2. Spanish — 460 Million Native Speakers. If we were only to look at native speakers, Spanish has its nose in front of... 3. English — 379.
  6. India is home to several hundred languages.Most Indians speak a language belonging to the families of the Indo-Aryan branch of Indo-European (c. 77%), the Dravidian (c. 20.61%), the Austroasiatic (c. 1.2%), or the Sino-Tibetan (c. 0.8%), with some languages of the Himalayas still unclassified. The SIL Ethnologue lists 415 living languages for India

But what remains true is that despite what language you learn, you will benefit e.g. through improved cultural understanding.Before we jump into our list of 9 most spoken languages in the world take note statistics based on educated estimates from one of the most authoritative world language resources in the world Ethnologue Numbers vary widely — Ethnologue puts the number of native speakers at 1.3 billion native speakers, roughly 917 million of whom speak Mandarin — but there's no doubt it's the most spoken language in the world. If you wish to learn a language that one in six people in the world speak, this is the one for you. Seeing as Chinese is a tonal language that uses thousands of logograms, it.

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  1. ant language of global communication, notably on the internet. The following chart is based on data taken from Statista, and shows the numbers of total speakers and native speakers in millions. Chinese, which is the official language.
  2. According to Ethnologue, there are 11 languages actively spoken in the country. The other languages are Bukhari, Crimean Tatar, Karakalpak, Kazakh, Korean Turkish, and Arabic. Unfortunately English is not nearly as widely spoken in Uzbekistan as other regions such as Russia or Western Europe. However, more people are starting to learn it especially the country's younger generation. A little.
  3. More than 240 million people speak Bantu languages across Central, East, and Southern Africa but the exact number of languages differs according to who's counting. More than 250 Bantu languages exist by the criterion of mutual intelligibility, though some accounts list 535 distinct languages. Here are the 10 most commonly spoken Bantu languages
  4. Bislama, a creole language derived from English, similar to Tok Pisin of Papua New Guinea and other nearby creoles, is the first language of many urban ni-Vanuatu, that is, the residents of Port Vila and Luganville; it is the most common second language elsewhere in the Vanuatu islands.. In recent years, the use of Bislama as a first language has considerably encroached on indigenous languages.
  5. From A Fala de Xálima, which is spoken in Portugal, to Zyudin, a dialect of Komi-Permynk spoken in the Urals, Ethnologue has distinguished itself as the best single source of information about all the known languages of the world. Richard Pittman produced the first edition in 1951, a mimeographed version that identified 46 languages. This 15th edition raises the bar to 7,299 known languages.

Ethnologue editor Paul Lewis, however, argues that the stakes are much higher. Because of the close links between language and identity, if people begin to think of their language as useless, they see their identity as such as well. This leads to social disruption, depression, suicide and drug use, he says. And as parents no longer transmit language to their children, the connection between. Sentence examples for most spoken languages from inspiring English sources. RELATED (5) most spoken dialects. most spoken tongue. most used languages. most spoken disfluencies. mostly spoken languages. exact (7) A tad more pleasing to the eyes than Cyrket (albeit not that much), AndroLib is available in 7 of the. Most spoken languages English Mandarin Hindi Spanish French Arabic Bengali Russian Portuguese Indonesian Source: Ethnologue 1,132 million 4,117 million 615 million 534 million 280 million 274 million 265 million 258 million 199 million 170 million Busuu - popular memes on the site ifunny.c

Most widely spoken of the Slavic languages, spoken in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, official (or co-official) language in 4 countries (ISO), spoken in 31 countries (E). rus: 167 000 000: 277 000 000: Japanese 日本語 - Nihongo official language in Japan and spoken in Japanese emigrant communities around the world. jpn: 125 000. Most spoken languages in the world by native speakers. This is the updated list of the most spoken languages in the world in 2020 by first-language speakers. 1. Chinese. If you include all forms of the Chinese language, there are about 1.3 billion native speakers, which makes it the most spoken language in the world. However, Chinese is not. The languages you will hear most frequently spoken in South Africa depend on where in the country you are. Tswana, for instance, is spoken by 63,4% of people in the North West, but in Limpopo 52,9% of the population speaks Sotho sa Leboa, and Swati is the most widely spoken language in Mpumalanga,at 27,7%. In Northern Cape and Western Cape. ️ Most Spoken Languages ( Latest Updated Data ) 22nd Edition Of The World Language Database Ethnologue ️ English Is The Most Spoken Language In The World With 1132 Million Speakers ️ Mandarin Is The 2nd Most Spoken Language In The World With 1117 Million Speakers Hindi Is The 3rd Most Spoken.

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It's the world's third most spoken language in terms of native speakers. A few facts about the English language: English has many borrowed words from French, German, and other languages. The name for the English language, English has Germanic origins. 4. Hindi. Hindi is a language spoken in India and it is the official language of the Indian government. It's mutually intelligible. Arabic was ranked the 5th most spoken language in the world by research group Ethnologue, with over 240 million speakers worldwide. In Africa, there are more than 100 million speakers, with Egypt accounting for more than 54 million. It is also the most widespread official language on the continent, incluing in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt. English reached the 3rd spot as the most spoken.

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At its most basic, linguistic diversity is measured in the number of languages spoken in daily living, and the number of people speaking them. By such a standard, if an entire population of people came from different places but spoke the same, they would be considered relatively homogeneous. This is an especially important distinction when discussing matters like media consumption or political. According to Ethnologue.com, there are nearly 7,000 languages spoken across the world today. Only a fraction of these languages (359) are truly global, spoken by millions of people. These include Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, and Hindi. The remaining 6,550 languages have a much more limited scope, and many are in danger of being lost entirely. To put the dichotomy in perspective, 94% of. Australia has a particularly rich linguistic culture and according to 2016 Ethnologue data, we speak a total of 260 languages. Nigeria boasts the most amount of spoken languages. Their. Yet Ethnologue's most curious fact highlights a quandary that has long perplexed linguists: how many languages are spoken on the planet? Estimates have ranged from 3,000 to 10,000, but Ethnologue. Although the largest languages are spoken by millions of people spread over vast geographic areas, most languages are spoken by relatively few individuals over comparatively small areas. The median number of speakers for the 6,912 languages catalogued by the Ethnologue is only 7,000, compared to the mean of over 828,000

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A good source for demographic information about individual languages, sublanguages and dialects is the Ethnologue of Languages. Most Popular Mexican Languages. Language name: Country/region spoken: Approximate number of speakers: 1. Spanish: Throughout Mexico 110 million: 2. Nahuatl: Mostly central Mexico 2 million: 3. English : Throughout Mexico 2 million: 4. Mayan languages: Mostly. A world of languages is a fascinating infographic created by Alberto Lucas Lopéz for the South China Morning Post. It highlights the most spoken languages in the world, and what countries. In graphics: a world of languages - and how many speak them Infographics We represent each language within black borders and then provide the numbers of native speakers (in millions) by country There are over 6900 languages currently spoken in the world. These languages belong to 94 different language families, that is, groups of languages whose share their origins. Indo-European languages are the most widely spoken languages: 44% of the world population, or 2.5 billion people, speak a language in the Indo-European family The Pashto language is the native language of the Pashtuns, Afghanistan's dominant ethnic group. Multilingualism is very common in the country. About 77% of people in Afghanistan speak Dari and 48% speak Pashto. Other Languages of Afghanistan. There are dozens of languages spoken in Afghanistan aside from Pashto and Dari

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While Spanish stands apart as the most common language in Colombia, the Ethnologue database lists a total of 101 languages for the country, making it, according to that estimate, one of the most linguistically diverse nations in the Americas and the world. The exact number of spoken languages varies slightly, largely because some linguistic experts consider certain languages as stand-alone. 1. Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin is the most widely spoken Chinese language. If you want to learn Chinese (the world's most spoken language with more than 1 billion native speakers), be ready to sacrifice to spend upward of 2,000 hours from whatever time you might have.. Chinese is a tonal language, making it even more challenging for people to learn and convey the different meanings of words. Languages of the world Free Dictionary Translation; List of top 100 languages in 13th edition of Ethnologue (1996) Different lists of the most spoken languages (the Ethnologue list is from a previous, not the 2005, edition). Archived 27 सितंबर 2011 at the वेबैक मशीन UNESCO Interactive Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger. The online edition of the Atlas is complementary to the print edition It does not reproduce the regional and thematic chapters of the print version, but it offers additional information on the listed endangered languages. Via this interface, you can browse through them, using combinations of search criteria and/or zooming in the.

Find statistics on languages spoken in New Zealand Ethnologue editor Paul Lewis, however, argues that the stakes are much higher. Because of the close links between language and identity, if people begin to think of their language as useless, they see their identity as such as well. This leads to social disruption, depression, suicide and drug use, he says. And as parents no longer transmit language to their children, the connection between. Here, most languages are Austronesian. Other regional languages spoken include Javanese, Sundanese, Minangkabau, and Musi. Nigeria . There are 527 languages spoken in Nigeria. However, Nigeria has many other unclassified languages. The languages in Nigeria fall under families such as Niger-Congo family language and Afro-Asiatic family language. A good source for demographic information about individual languages, sublanguages and dialects is the Ethnologue of Languages. Most Popular Native American Languages. Language name: Country/region spoken: Approximate number of speakers: 1. Quechua: Andean region of South America 8 million: 2. Mayan languages: Mexico and Guatemala 6 million: 3. Guarani: Paraguay and surrounding area 5 million.

Coronavirus and Local Languages: How do you say, "washTop 11 Most Spoken Languages in Africa | Africa FactsWhat is the most spoken language in the NorthernHow Many Languages Are There in the World? More Than YouAlgeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara | EthnologueNdyuka language - Wikipedia

Most Common Native Latin American Languages (by number of speakers today) This chart lists the thirty American Indian languages of Latin America which have the most native speakers. Note that this is only a chart of Native American languages, not ALL languages spoken in these countries. Among all languages, the top two languages spoken in Latin. India, with a population of over 1.3 billion, has 454 living languages and is one of the world's most multilingual countries, according to a 2016 ranking by Ethnologue. English and Hindi, which is spoken by 30% of the population, are the official languages at national level The official and most widely spoken language in Honduras is Spanish. In fact, Honduras is sometimes referred to as Spanish Honduras. The population of Honduras is made up of about 18,000-70,000 hearing impaired persons. They use the Honduran Sign Language to communicate. Indigenous Languages Of Honduras . According to the world's Ethnologue, there are 10 languages spoken in Honduras. Out of. The existance of dozens of barely spoken languages isn't surprising here, of course, given the isolation the geography of this region has necessitated for most of its history. Lemerig, which also sometimes goes by names like Bek and Sasar, had just two speakers as of 2008, making it a contender for least used language in the world

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